Feeling Good - Using CBD Oil For Stress, Pain, Inflammation, Anxiety, Soreness & So Much More

Feeling Good - Using CBD Oil For Stress, Pain, Inflammation, Anxiety, Soreness & So Much More

Cannabidiol or CBD is a fast growing health trend that more and more people are looking to explore. With CBD products being stocked in stores and sold online it’s hard to know which manufacturers you can trust and which products to buy. From CBD oil, gummies, teas and salves, there’s a variety of products to choose from. Natural Remedies is here to help demystify this amazing product.

CBD comes in several forms such as lotions/salves, gummies, oils and capsules or tablets. CBD itself is a naturally occurring compound found in cannabis. CBD differs from the compound THC which produces psychoactive effects. Both hemp and marijuana contain the cannabis compounds CBD and THC. Hemp plants however have much higher levels of CBD and much lower levels of THC than marijuana. CBD itself is non-psychoactive and will not get you high like marijuana does. CBD also has not been shown to exhibit a potential for abuse. CBD products derived from hemp that come from a licensed grower that has .3% or less THC are legal. At this time CBD isn’t federally regulated and is classified as a supplement and not a medication.

CBD is used for a variety of reasons including pain relief and management, to decrease inflammation and overall stress reduction. Products such as the Pure Potent CBD Oil and Natural Remedies CBD gummies are used to help alleviate stress and anxiety in customers. For pain relief, often a topical product such as Humbled Healing Hemp Salve is helpful as you can rub it directly on areas of the body that are affected.

Another common use of CBD is to aid in sleep. Customers may take it right before bed to help the body and mind relax before sleep. CBD can also be infused into other less conventional products like soaps, lotions, coffee and even alcoholic drinks. CBD can even be given safely to pets! If your pet gets stressed by loud thunder or the neighborhood mailman, a product like Pet Releaf CBD Edibites can make all the difference.

With this huge array of products and various hemp strains, administration routes, and dosing, it can get confusing. Natural Remedies has staff and advisors prepared to answer any and all questions you may have. Our products also use only high quality hemp strains to ensure our products are safe and effective. Shop online or visit us at our CBD Dispensary in Merrick.

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