Welcome to Long Island’s 1st CBD Destination for Natural Remedies.

Well hello! We are excited you are here and we want to welcome you to an exciting new way to optimal health for you, for your family and for your pets.

We have the largest variety of CBD/Hemp Products in a variety of milligrams and doses to suit your needs and the needs of those you love. Our CBD Specialists are standing by and have been expertly trained to inform you about the benefits of our products, and how they can work for you.


Grown Naturally For YOU!

Our commitment to procurement and production of our products is paramount.

Our CBD Hemp Farms are located in New York and Oregon. Here we grow the finest and highest quality CBD buds. To do this, we have a dedicated team of full time growers that oversee and maintain quality assurance during the nurturing, trimming, & drying process.

With all the hard work involved we’re pleased to offer you this amazing medicine that rarely comes as pure.


How We Roll

We care about you and your health, first. This is why we grow premium top shelf hemp buds with 12-22% CBD, and all under .3% THC.

Natural Remedies provides CBD that is legal for purchase throughout the USA in all 50 States. Fresh, pure, cured… as the premier provider of CBD, there is nothing like our lab tested buds.


Our CBD Specialists

The most important part of finding out which CBD products & milligram dose will be the best fit for you is speaking with an educated CBD Specialist which you can only find at Certified CBD Dispensaries like Natural Remedies!