Furry Friends Feeling Fidgety Over Fireworks Or Loud Noises? Here’s What You Need to Know About Trying Out CBD For Your Pets!

Furry Friends Feeling Fidgety Over Fireworks Or Loud Noises? Here’s What You Need to Know About Trying Out CBD For Your Pets!

Are you pulling your hair out trying to figure out why your pet is so anxious? Is your dog constantly barking at nothing or is your cat never sitting still? Of course, you want a gentle but effective treatment for your furry friend and CBD pet products may be the solution!

You probably have a lot of questions about CBD and may question if it works for humans, let alone pets. You may also be wondering how safe these products are for animals. Natural Remedies is here to answer all your burning questions and show you why CBD pet products may be just what you need to boost your pet’s health and help keep them calm. 

What is CBD and is it safe for pets?


CBD stands for cannabidiol which is one of the chemical compounds derived from hemp and marijuana plants. Both humans and pets have an endocannabinoid system which is a communication system in the body that affects our functioning (how we feel, move and react). CBD interacts with our endocannabinoid systems to produce a gentle calming effect. Not only does it produce a calming or relaxing effect, but it can potentially relieve muscle and joint pain for pets as well. For more on the specifics of CBD check out our previous blog here

Unlike THC (a different chemical compound), CBD is non-intoxicating, meaning your pet cannot get high from properly dosed CBD products. To keep your pets extra safe and ensure proper dosage, ensure you only give your animals CBD products specifically tailored for pets. Several studies have shown that even when given high levels of CBD pets do not experience major adverse effects from CBD.

What are the potential benefits of CBD for pets and how will they react?

While research is still being done, there is promising news that CBD products can help to regulate many different bodily functions in cats and dogs. CBD may be used to reduce inflammation, reduce pain and seizures, boost the immune system and assist with nervous system support. CBD products may also help your pet’s cardiovascular system, reduce anxiety and assist with gastrointestinal support.  Many pets struggle with pain, anxiety and sleep issues on a daily basis. And while pets can’t tell us for sure if they feel better, observant pet owners proudly point to CBD products  saying they’ve seen an improvement in their animals’ symptoms since using CBD. Different animals require different dosing so to ensure your pet has the best possible outcome, be sure to talk to both your veterinarian and a CBD specialist to ensure you’re using a high quality and safe product.

What kind of CBD products are available for pets?

There are several different types of CBD products on the market, each designed with a different purpose. CBD oil or tinctures are made up of an extract and a carrier oil (coconut oil is common). You can give your pet the tincture using a convenient dropper, allowing for accurate dosing and ease of use. Since the oil is placed right into their mouths, the product is absorbed faster than via pills or chews. Natural Remedies offers their Full Spectrum CBD Tinctures in fun flavors your pet will love such as Bacon and Chicken.

Treats or chews is another CBD product formulated for pets. CBD oil is infused right into a delicious treat your pet will love. Treats or chews are even easier to give your pets as you simply feed them the appropriate portion size similar to any other treat. Check out our website for our Pet Releaf CBD Edibles which come in fun flavors like peanut butter, sweet potato and various fruits and help with various pet ailments like stress, digestion, and hip/joint pain.

After learning the various benefits and CBD products available for your pet, why not explore this path and possibly find a solution to your pet’s pesky problems with anxiety or other ailments.

With the variety of products and various hemp strains and dosing, it can get confusing. Natural Remedies has staff and advisors prepared to answer any and all questions you may have. Our products use only high-quality hemp strains to ensure they are safe and effective.

Shop online or visit us at our CBD Dispensary in Merrick today!

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