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Vance Global CBD Vape Cartridge 510 Thread

Vance Global CBD Vape Cartridge 510 Thread

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A CBD Vape cart that we and our customers would love. Our goal was to bring home-made peace of mind quality to a CBD cart. What this means is there’s no additives, no solvents and no cutting agents. Our list of ingredients only has 2 items! You will definitely smell, taste and feel the quality of these!

  • Cart Size: 1mL
  • Compatible Vape: 510 Thread
  • Cart Tip: Wood
  • CBD amount in cartridge: 850mg CBD
  • Cart Formula: 85% Full Spectrum CBD Distillate, 15% Maui Wowie Terpenes
  • Ingredients: Only Full Spectrum CBD Distillate and Maui Wowie Terpenes.
  • Flavor Profile: Fruity and citrus tropical flavor.
  • Aroma: Pleasant floral.
  • Maui Wowie specific terpene formula contains myrcene, limonene, linalool, caryophyllene, pinene, and humulene.
  • Product Contains Less Than 0.3% Delta-9 THC
  • UPC Code: 687700052609

Our Mission

So, we usually hide our recipes, but we decided to be as transparent as possible with this one to ensure our customers know what a real CBD vape cart should smell, taste and feel like. Additionally, we wanted to share the ingredients needed to make a proper cart. There are many competitors out there, but so far everyone that has tried these, prior to release, has said these are the best they’ve tried. Of course, we back these statements up with a guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, reach out to our customer support team and we’ll happily assist!

When consuming Vance Global’s CBD Cart, a person can rest assured that all of our batches are lab tested and created with safety in mind. We pride ourselves on making sure that our products are grown, harvested, produced, and packaged in the most professional way possible. Our customers mean the world to us, so we take the extra step to ensure we are serving you in the best way possible.

Battery Not Included

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